How much is a DJ mixer (cost by features + infographic)

DJ mixers’ price range may differ a lot according to the specifications needed: 2 channels vs 4 channels, DVS compatibility, embedded effects, etc. Discover how it impacts their cost in this article.

The average cost of DJ mixers is $900. The first ones come at $99 such as the Numark M2. Most mixers are below a price of $1,500 but the most popular model the DJM-900 NXS2 costs $2,199. A DVS compatible mixer is sold around 1270$ and a 4 channel mixer around $1000.

In order to calculate these averages, I ventured online stores to collect the prices and specifications of most DJ mixers on the market. Eventually, I came up with a list of 35 DJ mixers. This way I have a very complete data that should be helpful to you. I hope you will like it!

Average DJ mixer price (with categories)

In the graph below I have plotted the average price of DJ mixers by different categories. The purpose is to know the different prices according to different usages. Indeed, the cost differs a lot between mixers used for a home hobby or for a club.

Price of DJ mixers by customer type:

I have defined the groups as such:

  • Home DJ: Sometimes called bedroom DJs, they DJ as a hobby and not as a source of revenue. As such, they do not need many inputs and outputs as a mobile DJ may need. You will find mainly 2 channel mixers in this category.
    Average price: $368 | Median price: $349
  • Mobile DJ: Wedding DJ, corporate events, etc, fall into this category. Mixing can become a source of revenue for these DJs. As such, a mobile DJ requires more inputs and outputs. These are useful to plug more microphones, a home theater, music band instruments, etc. All these connectors will give the mobile DJ more flexibility in its work.
    Average price: $736 | Median price: $899
  • Scratching: Battle DJs, Hip-Hop DJs, etc fall into this category. In order to scratch, you need a mixer with nothing around the faders. Therefore, DJ mixers made for scratching have a difference in their layout. Nowadays many of these mixers also come with DVS to plug it with a DJ software. In the most recent ones, they also come with pads to trigger samples or CUE points. These are useful to build a DJ routine to throw during a DJ battle.
    Average price: $869 | Median price: $650
  • Clubs: The higher tier in terms of price. A club mixer needs more channels and connectors in order to plug several kinds of gears. That’s also useful when switching between DJs that mix with different equipment. They have a more professional sound and are more robust. Many of them have embed effects though that’s not always the case.
    Average price: $1788 | Median price: $1499

I have added the median price because it has more sense in this case. Indeed, the average price can be highly influenced by extreme values. A median, on the other hand, is a value that cuts in half the population. In short, there are as many mixers above and below the median price. It cuts the sample into 50 / 50, so if I go to a store, I have a higher chance to find this price compared to the average. Therefore, it’s a way better to say that a mixer costs around $700 if someone asks you.

Here is a list of mixers I like in each category:

DJ mixer price distribution (+ price per brand)

The graph below presents the price distribution of DJ mixers. It shows there are very few DJ mixers above $1500. The most popular range is below $500.

Some brands like Allen & Heath or Pioneer cover all the price ranges. This graph also shows that Numark and Behringer focus on the entry-level mixers.

By moving your mouse over the graph, it will give you the list of each DJ mixer hidden behind each bar. Therefore you have the complete dataset of 35 mixers in this bar chart. If you want to know all the Pioneer mixers’ references below $1499, this interactive chart can give it to you.

DJ mixers price per brand:

Average cost of a DJ mixer with DVS

The average cost of a mixer with DVS capability is $1268. Without it, DJ mixers are sold around $393. The difference between the two is huge, but that’s because the DVS option is becoming a standard. Therefore, the mixers that do not have it are mainly entry-level ones. For instance, Pioneer no longer has any mixer without the DVS capability.

For those asking what DVS is, it means Digital Vinyl System. Its purpose is to use your turntable as a media controller for your computer thanks to a specific vinyl. This vinyl sends a signal to the computer so the latter can synchronize your music files with your vinyl. This way you can scratch your MP3s with the feel of real vinyl. The system also exists for CDs.

Before, the only way to use DVS was thanks to an external soundcard. Now many DJ mixers come with one integrated. But having a soundcard is sometimes not sufficient, your best shot is to go for a DJ mixer that is DVS certified.

List of DVS certified mixers:

PioneerDJM-250 MK2$349
Native InstrumentsTraktor Kontrol Z2$699
MixarsDuo MKII$800
Allen & HeathXone 43C$999
ReloopRMX-90 DVS$1,000
DenonX1850 Prime 4$1,099
PioneerDJM-750 MK2$1,199
Allen & HeathXone PX5$1,499
RaneSeventy Two$1,899
Allen & HeathXone 96$2,199
Allen & HeathXone DB4$2,199
PioneerDJM-900 NXS2$2,199
PioneerDJM V10$3,199

Average cost of a DJ mixer with 4 channels

A 4 channel DJ mixer cost on average $1,018. Price ranges from $199, like the Numark M6 to $2,199 with the Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2. On the other hand, a mixer with 2 channels costs $629 on average.

Average cost of a DJ mixer with an effect section

The average cost of a mixer with effects is $1,269. The cheapest one is the DJX750 from Behringer at $329. The most expensive is the DJM V10 from Pioneer at $3,199. A DJ mixer without effects costs around $589. That’s almost half the price!

Average cost of a DJ mixer with performance pads

The average cost of a mixer with pads is $1,268. This kind of mixer is the evolution of DJ mixers with DVS capabilities. Indeed, the pads are mainly aimed for DJs who like to scratch. It is used for their DJ routine: launch samples, get back at a CUE point easily, etc. The pads are near the faders so that DJs can trigger them easily during a DJ battle. There ain’t many of these mixers yet, so here is a list for you.

DJ mixers with pads:

Native InstrumentsTraktor Kontrol Z2$699
MixarsDuo MKII$800
RaneSeventy Two$1,899

Average cost of a DJ mixer with an integrated sound card

The average cost of a DJ mixer with an integrated soundcard is $1,117. Not all mixers with soundcards are DVS compatible. Some mixers only have a soundcard to record the master output through USB. Others may simply not be certified for the software you are looking for. For the latter, having the possibility to root audio sources to the channel you want is still a pretty neat feature. For musicians and composers out there, that’s a very useful function.

If you already own a DJ controller, please note that you probably don’t need to buy an additional mixer.

In case you are interested, I have made a similar post about how much cost a DJ controller.


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